Narrow Band Of Shade

by Mark Force One


released May 29, 2015

This is the first EP released on an another net label!

Review by Mirza:

"Mark Force One is Marko from Versailles, France making music from his bedroom.

When he quoting "because all the songs through my head are sometimes better when I record them in my bedroom", i do agree with him. Because all of his songs are a perfect result from a bedroom weather. It's warm, cozy, fun and yet sometimes cold.
'Undergraduate of Love' is like when the first time you open your room door and drag yourself in your bed. Then, 'Thrill-Seeker' will make you feel alone in your room at midnight, drinking your coffee while the window's up letting the breeze touch your skin. And last, 'Phantom' is trying to give us a haunting feeling when you just woken up by a nightmare.
Overall, 'Narrow Band of Shade' brings us to feel what Marko feel at his bedroom.

You'll love this if you're a fan of Shiny Two Shiny, Medicine, Sunny Day in Glasgow."

Review From Slovakia:

"noise pop from Versailles, France"…ow-band-of-shade/
June 2015

Special Thanks:
Mirza @Barokah Records



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